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 dPassword is a Password Manager program, which will run on both 64-bit and 32-bit systems, under Windows 10. It will run on earlier versions of Windows, if the Microsoft .Net Framework has been updated to at least version 4.5 The program can be run from the Desktop, in a Command window, or via the Windows 'run' window.

Included features:
- Uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect your data.
- All data is displayed in a concise, sortable, Excel-like grid.
- Generate a secure password at any time.
- Efficient search for any string of characters.
- Copy password to memory with one mouse-click.
- Pin your most-used passwords, for quick access.
- Import and Export options.
- Custom color configuration.
- Options to backup automatically to Google Drive.
- Audit-passwords option to highlight all non-secure passwords.
- Masked-mode, to hide all passwords from view.
- Set a Master Password, required before certain actions will execute.
- Display website associated with a password, with one click.
View the YouTube video of dPassword: dPassword Demonstration Video
The main dPassword screen:
dPassword main screen
The dPassword menu buttons:
dPassword Main screen
Results of Password Audit:
dPassword Audit results
Search results (entered 'ama', looking for 'Amazon':
dPassword Search results
Settings screen:
dPassword Settings screen
Import screen:
dPassword Import screen
Main Screen, in Masked mode:
dPassword Masked screen
Pinned Passwords screen:
dPassword Pinned passwords

View the YouTube video of dPassword: dPassword Demonstration Video

Download dPassword now.. Unzip the download file; read the Readme.txt.

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